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Blood Analyzer Machine Lamps

Blood Analyzer Machine Lamps Whether catering to small hospitals or the most stringent lab environments, hematology and chemical analysis machines are only as good as their lighting components. Specialized medical and chemical labs require accurate results. Analysis machines must operate accurately and efficiently. Lighting components are (literally) instrumental in the process. In some cases, equipment […]

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PAR 64 Lamps

PAR64 Lamps PAR 64, or Parabolic Aluminized Reflectors (64 eights of an inch), are used in PAR 64 Can lighting fixtures in theaters, stages, churches, auditoriums, convention centers, concert halls, and arenas. If you’re distributing studio lighting or are searching for an easy lighting solution for large spaces with reliable light, we’re here to provide.

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Airfield Lamps

Airfield Lamps Airport and runway lighting for the thousands of airports across the US. Our 6.6A JF and JFR lamps are designed for runway, threshold, taxiway, approach, and obstruction lighting. Reliability and quality are of chief importance to keep everybody on the ground, and in the air, safe. If you’re interested in developing and contract

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Photoflood Lamps

Photo Studio Light Bulbs Photography bulbs are designed to produce a high quality bright and clean light for studio photography. Trusted by studios to create a reliable and consistent light ideal for film lighting, these photographic lights are ubiquitous in the American film industry. Although new technologies are being developed to supplement or even replicate

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Xenon Miniature Lamps

Xenon Miniature Lamps Xenon miniatures are reliable and long-lasting bulbs used both commercially and for home use. They’re commonly used in under or inside cabinets and shelves, though can be found in strip lighting, like walkways. Unlike a halogen bulbs, the glass envelope of a xenon bulb may be touched with bare hands (while the

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Xenon/Mercury Short Arc

Xenon/Mercury Short Arc Lamps We manufacture the finest short arc lamps, including xenon, xenon mercury, and high pressure mercury lamps. Contact us for a quote. Short Arc Lamp Features: Stable Arc: ±1.0% max High Intensity High Power Long Life Minimum irradiance attenuation Minimum burn back structure at top of cathode Xenon Lamp KLS Model Wattage

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Weathering Lamps and Xenon Arc

Weathering Lamps Artificial Weathering The weather testing process of paints, films, and materials can be greatly accelerated through the use of specially designed weathering chambers. Most of the commercial devices use gas discharge lamps to simulate/accelerate the effect of sunlight, using special fluorescent, xenon, and metal halide lamps to simulate the suns radiation. The xenon

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Reptile Lamps – UV / IR

Reptile Lamps Sparkzoo’s REPTISPA reptile lights provide the right light, and heat, to care for a variety of different reptiles; including UBV Terrarium, basking, infrared heat, and self-ballasted lamps. REPTISPA CFL UVB Terrarium Lamps REPTISPA Basking Lamps REPTISPA Infrared Heat Lamps REPTISPA Self-Ballasted UV Sun Lamps CFL UVB Terrarium Basking Lamps Infrared Heat Self-Ballasted UV

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Power Supplies and Ignitors

Power Supplies and Ignitors BLC International is the U.S. Agent for Shiederwerk Power Supplies, Ignitors and LED drivers. Whether industrial or medical applications, in mechanical engineering as well as in lighting industry, Schiederwerk power supplies have always delivered optimum performance. Schiederwerk provides LED drivers featuring BUS systems for the lighting technology as well as LED

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Metal Halide – Aquarium

Metal Halide – Aquarium Phoenix Hexarc Blue Aquarium Lamps cast a crisp-white light with a blue tint which recreates the shimmering effect of bright tropical sun over a patch of coral reef. At 14,000K color temperature these lamps are ideal for feeding light hungry corals and provide sufficient intensity for growth. Phoenix Hexarc Blue Metal

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Hot Air Heater Lamps

Hot Air Heaters – Model SAHD & CLH Our Hot Air Heaters are ultra-compact, ultra-high temperature and ultra high performance with a rich product mix and a wide range of models available from 20W to 120kw. The maximum temperature of the SAHD model reaches more than 1000 degrees C (1830 degrees F). For a heater

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IPL Lamps – Medical Laser

Medical Laser and IPL Lamps The medical laser market is the fastest growing segment of the laser industry. Medical Laser, Cosmetic Lasers, or Aesthetic Lasers are used for a wide variety of applications, including:     Hair Removal     Tattoo Removal    Skin Rejuvenation    Skin Tightening    Wrinkle Reduction    Warts    Vascular Lesions   

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Germicidal Lamps – UVC

Germicidal Lamps A germicidal lamp is a special type of lamp which produces ultraviolet light (UVC). This short-wave ultraviolet light disrupts DNA base pairing causing thymine-thymine dimers leading to death of bacteria on exposed surfaces. Germicidal UVC lamps are also used to produce ozone for water disinfection. Used in: Pharmaceutical / Pharmaceutical labs Food processing

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Semiconductor WEE (Wafer Edge)

Semiconductor Wafer Edge Exposer (WEE) Lamps BLC International is your best source for high quality WEE lamps from Japan. To remove photo-resist that is unnecessary for the developing process, “Wafer Edge Exposure” (WEE) systems irradiate UV on the edges of a photo-resist coated wafer. These systems utilize “short arc mercury lamps” that are optically aligned

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Metal Halide – Studio KHD Lamps

Hot Restrike Metal Halide Lamps KHD series Hot Restrike Metal Halide lamps are high intensity discharge lamps that produce high quality and high lumen output using Stable-Arc technology. KHD Hot Restrike lamps are ideal sources for use in Studio Lighting. Available from 400 watts up to 18,000 watts. All bulbs are made in Japan. The

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Deuterium Lamps

Deuterium Lamps Deuterium lamps are discharge lamp sources that produce stable high intensity ultra-violet radiation from 160 nm to 400 nm in addition to visible light from 400 nm to 800 nm. Deuterium lamps are ideal sources for UV spectroscopy, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), capillary electrophoresis (CE), pollution monitors, as well as wide variety of

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ANSI Coded Lamps

ANSI Coded Lamps Our ANSI-coded lamps include MR11, MR13, MR14, MR16, MR18, and Single Ended lamps (including G4, G6.35, GY6.35, G5.3, P28s, and more). This page displays our catalog of high-quality KLS lamps. If you don’t spot what you need, Contact Us, and we may be able to find exactly what you want. MR11 MR13

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Digital Projector Lamps

Digital Projector Lamps BLC International, Inc. offer digital projector lamps for a vast catalogue of equipment. If you’re looking for a specific lamp, search the table below. Once you find what you need, Contact Us with the part numbers and quantities you’re looking for. DPL Cross Reference

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