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Metal Halide – Aquarium

Phoenix Hexarc Blue Aquarium Lamps cast a crisp-white light with a blue tint which recreates the shimmering effect of bright tropical sun over a patch of coral reef. At 14,000K color temperature these lamps are ideal for feeding light hungry corals and provide sufficient intensity for growth. Phoenix Hexarc Blue Metal Halide Aquarium Lamps have a high PAR value and are made in Japan.

Phoenix Hexarc Blue

Metal Halide 14,000K

150W and 250W

Watt Bulb Code ANSI Description Base Life (hr) Initial Lumen Mean Lumen Color Temp Bulb Finish
150 T7 20621 M81/E MH150/TD/UV/BLUE R7S 6,000 33,400 26,700 14,000 Clear/Blue
250 T9.5 20622 M80/E MH250/TD/UV/BLUE FC2 6,000 42,000 33,600 14,000 Clear/Blue