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Blood Analyzer Machine Lamps

Whether catering to small hospitals or the most stringent lab environments, hematology and chemical analysis machines are only as good as their lighting components.

Specialized medical and chemical labs require accurate results. Analysis machines must operate accurately and efficiently. Lighting components are (literally) instrumental in the process. In some cases, equipment is designed around a lighting element; in some cases, the lighting parts are designed for the equipment; and in some cases, lighting components can be manufactured to replace, or improve, existing equipment parts. We provide solutions for all cases. We can:

  • Provide, and manufacture, more efficient components to existing machines.
  • Create and manufacture new components with existing technology.
  • Create and manufacture new components with LED technology.

We’ve designed and made lamps for:

Additionally, we’re designing LED sources for these applications. If you’re interested in working with us to manufacture your lighting component parts for blood/chemical analysis, contact us.

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