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Weathering Lamps

Artificial Weathering

The weather testing process of paints, films, and materials can be greatly accelerated through the use of specially designed weathering chambers. Most of the commercial devices use gas discharge lamps to simulate/accelerate the effect of sunlight, using special fluorescent, xenon, and metal halide lamps to simulate the suns radiation. The xenon arc source, when used in conjunction with appropriate filters, is regarded as giving the closest approximation to natural sunlight that can be obtained in a laboratory.

We provide lamps that are:

  • An exact match for your existing OEM equipment.
  • The same spectral output as the OEM lamp.
  • The same warranty as the OEM.
  • Major cost savings.

3500-6000 Watt Xenon Burner

  • To fit many Atlas Weather-Ometers and Fade-Ometers.
  • Can directly replace Atlas Part Number 20650000.
  • Fits Atlas Weather-Ometer ® Models Ci35, Ci35A, Ci65, Ci65A, Ci4000
  • Fits Atlas Fade-Ometer® Models Ci35, Ci35A

12000 Watt Xenon Burner

  • Fits various Atlas Weather-Ometers and Fade-Ometers.