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Industries and Services

Specialty Lighting Across The Board

The Industries We Serve

Medical and Healthcare

We supply lighting components for specialty medical equipment used across the industry, from blood analysis machines to dental equipment and UV decontamination, and more.

The medical device and manufacturing field is thriving, and we strive to create the highest quality manufacturing that meets or exceeds both our customer’s and regulatory demands.


BLC International has partnered with and manufactured LED components for some of the industry’s most respected and reliable flashlights. With a specialty focus on durability and versatility in various environments, we developed unique components that meet every requirement demanded.

Photography and Entertainment

When it comes to studio, entertainment, and photography lighting, precise color, consistency, and output is the highest priority. We can find the best lighting option for your equipment.

If you’re developing new technologies in the field, we’ll supply or manufacture the right lighting components for the optimal output.

Commercial and Industrial

The ubiquity of general lighting, LED or otherwise, can overshadow the importance of specialty lighting and lighting components in the commercial sector. If you’re redesigning commercial or industrial products that require innovative lighting components, we can manufacture exactly what you need.


There are twenty thousand airports in the US, and each requires vital airfield lighting. We supply some of the largest airfield lighting suppliers with high quality and reliable Japanese bulbs. Tested and reliable lighting is a must for airfield and runways. Browse our Airfield lamps page if you’re searching for specific replacements or supply. If you’re interested in developing new airfield lighting technologies, contact us.


BLC has supplied aftermarket lighting for the automotive industry for years. While miniature lighting has traditionally used gas based incandescent bulbs, for consistency and reliability at small sizes, LED’s are quickly ascending to the prime technology for all automotive lighting. This period of transition is perfect for developing and manufacturing innovative automotive illumination.

Your Market

These are just a few of the industries we serve. If you’re debating whether we’re right for you, contact us and we’ll help you find out.

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The Services We Provide


When you need a lighting component, whether that’s a light bulb replacement or the missing piece in your design, we’ll help identify your need. There are often high-quality, low-cost solutions that fit perfectly with your products and equipment. Once we find what you need, we can deliver it at the scale you require.

Sourcing and Manufacture

Our objective is to provide high quality lighting products. We’ll find the best factories and manufacturers to fit your needs. We work with our partners in Japan, China, and the US to best manufacture custom LED’s, bulbs, lighting components and products.

Contract Manufacturing and Sub Assembly

Manufacturing specialty lighting often requires a combination of progressive LED technology and a strong knowledge of existing lighting technology. Once we identify what’s required, the solutions can be come cost effective, allowing our projects to stay on or below budget.

We work closely with our customers to accurately create the components and products they need. Collaboration and mutual understanding of the product, and what the product demands, is the key to successful contract manufacturing.

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