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PAR64 Lamps

PAR 64, or Parabolic Aluminized Reflectors (64 eights of an inch), are used in PAR 64 Can lighting fixtures in theaters, stages, churches, auditoriums, convention centers, concert halls, and arenas. If you’re distributing studio lighting or are searching for an easy lighting solution for large spaces with reliable light, we’re here to provide.

Our traditional PAR64 Lamps are reliable and high quality. While other manufacturers have stopped production, we continue to supply major distributors and specialists in the lighting and studio and entertainment industry.

PAR64 lamps are also used in airport and airfield lighting. For more info on other airport lighting, see our Airfield lamps page.

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Part Number Description Wattage Voltage Base Beam Angle ANSI Color
11045 1000PAR64/NSP 120V-1000W 1000 120 GX16D Narrow Spot FFP 2850
11046 1000PAR64/MFL 120V-1000W 1000 120 GX16D Medium Flood FFR 2850
11047 1000PAR64/VNSP 120V-1000W 1000 120 GX16D Very Narrow Spot FFN 2850
11048 1000PAR64/WFL 120V-1000W 1000 120 GX16D Wide Flood FFS 2850
11049 1200PAR64/VNSP 120V-1200W 1200 120 GX16D Very Narrow Spot GFC 3200