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Contract Manufacturing FAQ

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What’s Specialty Lighting and Why Does it Matter?

We define specialty lighting as lighting that’s used for specific needs beyond general illumination of a room. By contrast, “general lighting” is the ubiquitous light bulbs that’re available in general stores. Specialty lighting can also be used to light a room, but often the specifics of the lighting matter, such as achieving a unique color temperature, curing ability, or a size constraint. Most equipment that uses lighting as a vital element will be using specialty lighting, such as medical or semiconductor equipment; though flashlights, airfield lights, and heater lamps are also specialty lighting.

The reason “specialty lighting” matters is the  detail, knowledge, and sourcing ability of what your equipment, or product, needs. That’s what we provide.

The advancements in LED manufacturing have massively widened the potential for emerging, and innovative, products. We’re your solution to those specialty lighting components your ideas require.

Scale: Is There a Minimum or Maximum Order or Contract?

Our objective is to supply or create the best components so your products can be as successful as possible, ensuring ongoing production and collaboration. When it comes to supplying lightbulbs for existing equipment, we can cater to the scale you need. When manufacturing, we’re willing to begin at a smaller scale with the intention of growth. Whether you need 100 pieces or 100,000, we can help. Each project, and client, is unique; so, contact us to discuss what you need and how we can help.

What’s the Difference Between Sourcing Light and Contract Manufacturing?

BLC International provides two primary services (and those in between), sourcing light and contract manufacturing.

By “sourcing light”, we’re referring to specialty light bulbs, their availability, production, and supply. This specialty lighting is most often for specialty equipment but can also be for new designs and products. With our lighting experience and knowledge, often of idiosyncratic specifications, we’re the best source for specialty lighting.

Contract manufacturing is when we manufacture the lighting components you need for your products. We’ll work with you at whatever stage in product development you are, whether you’re designing or just trying to find a higher quality or more cost-effective manufacture of existing components.

How Do we Deal with Your Designs, Intellectual Property, and Proprietary Information?

When contract manufacturing with us, your designs and IPs are your own. Our job is to contribute high quality components to make your products as successful as possible. Your property is kept confidential, and we never share your information with other clients nor outside of the project limits. Our priority is to build strong relationships with our customers. Innovation can only thrive when designers are completely secure with their work.

What About The Fluctuating Costs of Materials, Taxes, and Tariffs?

World events can cause unforeseen, and sometimes sudden, changes in the cost of resources, tariffs, taxes, and regulations. We’re candid with our collaborators and always work together to tackle the challenges. We believe the best solution is being knowledgeable about the current and upcoming industry changes, as well as treating each project, and its requirements, with due diligence, preparation, and caution.

Where Will My Components be Made?

We’re always transparent with our clients about where, and how, our components are made. Each project is different and requires different sourcing and manufacture. Specialty lighting has historically been internationally diverse, from Hungary and Germany to China and Japan, and the US. We’ll find the best option for your project, which may sometimes involve multiple locations. If your product’s requirements or regulations demand specific manufacturing origin, we’ll happily work within those constraints.

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